Free Air Time

I got this yesterday via Facebook from Humbelina, one of my trainees:

"Hola hermano martin y familia Dios los bendiga, Hermano le comparto dos emisoras en Ambo nos pidio el programa radial y lo estam emitiendo gratis. ¡QUE BENDICION¡ Gracia a Orestes Atavilloscayco"

Translation: "Hi Brother Marty and family. May God bless you. Brother, two radio stations in Ambo asked us for our radio program and they are airing it for free. What a blessing! Thanks to Orestes Atavilloscayco."

Years ago during the training, I shared with Humbelina and the others in the training that once they got proficient at producing their radio programs, radio stations would ask them for their program and not charge them to put it on the air. They didn't believe me at the time, but now all of them are getting free airtime on several stations.

It just means that more people will have the opportunity to hear God's Word in their mother tongue, and that's what I love to be part of!