Random Thoughts While In Peru

The smell of burning garbage in the evening.

Smell of tokosh as we drive past the market. (Tokosh is, in essence, potatoes that are almost rotten, on purpose, because it is considered a delicacy.)

Watching the man in front of me in the van dry shaving with a double bladed razor as we wind down the mountain during the descent to Limatambo.

Everyone with a cell phone.

Flower stands right outside the gates of graveyards.

Unadorned adobe houses with political party slogans painted on their sides.

Traffic that turns three lane roads into five lanes.

Old Quechua ladies who do a double take when I greet them.

The smell of burning brakes as we descend from 13,000 feet to 8,000 feet in 30 minutes.

The amazing feeling of being in the same room as 7,500 Bibles that haven't yet been distributed to a people group that has never had the Bible in their language.

The faith of people who wait on God to do miracles, because they don't have the money to get medical things taken care of...and God comes through for them.