Scripture Boy

If you have Facebook, watch this video of a 10 year old boy reciting from memory a section of the Gospel of Luke in his language. He memorized this by listening to a Proclaimer - a device loaded with the audio New Testament in his language! This is what makes my days, my travels, and life's battles worth it. 

 On Sunday, March 22 I will fly to Peru to coordinate the cell phone survey. We are hoping to survey at least 7,000 Quechua youth about their attitude toward and usage of cell phone technology. Later this year I will also coordinate the survey in Mexico and Guatemala. The results will help us know how to take advantage of this technology to reach the indigenous youth of Latin America with the Good News of Jesus.

 On April 6, I will be in the Netherlands for two weeks, attending two conferences on cell phone technology in missions. There will be a lot of opportunities to network with others who are working in this area. Pray for stamina and good connections to be made with others.

 On the home front, we are in a whirlwind of activity as we head toward two major events: Heather's graduation in May and Kara's missions trip to Slovakia for the summer. Please pray for Heather as she balances school, work, and applying for scholarships. Pray for Kara as she seeks God's leading for the summer. Also, please pray for Summer as she considers going on a short missions trip and what God wants her to do this summer.

 As always, thank you for your interest in our ministry and for praying for us!

 Marty & Karen

 ps. if you have any old 1gb or 2gb thumb drives laying around that you don't use any longer, we can give them second life in Peru. They will be loaded with New Testament passages and Scripture songs and distributed to country pastors.