A Word Confirmed

Sometimes the Holy Spirit leads you to say something, and you say it. Most of the time, you never know why. Sometimes, you are blessed when someone tells you how God used those words. Several years ago,  I was training a group of Quechuas how to plan, produce and present radio programs. I told them that if they would work hard and produce quality radio programs, radio stations would offer them free airtime and eventually, their listeners would support the cost of putting their programs on the air. When I said this, they stared at me as if I were from another planet, and then they smiled their nicest "courtesy smile" as they chuckled under their breath.

But when you know the Holy Spirit is telling you to say it, you just say it.

The following is a testimony I got from one of my trainees this week.

radio sponsor

This Christian woman is a member of the Assemblies of God Church – Peru in the area. She decided to give an offering to pay for the radio station in her local town to broadcast God’s Word on the radio. She made this decision after having heard God’s Word during the challenging preaching that she received that day. At the end of the teaching, she came up to me and said: “I want to get involved and help in the preaching of the Gospel by paying for a station to reach all my people in the community.” And then she said “Just as you preached today in the church, I want you to preach on the radio so that more people can hear and learn from the Word.” Since that time we agreed that she would pay the radio station monthly and we in JAWCA would send the prepared radio programs weekly.

Now I see that what brother Marty Lange said is being fulfilled: “Later on the people themselves or the churches are going to prepare their programs and will even pay the stations so that they can keep on listening to their radio program”; and this is what we are seeing happen. Thanks to brother Marty for having declared these prophetic words which are being fulfilled today. Blessed be our God.

Report from Hilmar Duran - Aug 6, 2015